live in Vienna, 2018. image copyright W. Nowak, ''.

the performances so far:

1982 D, Trier, 'Schirm' ---"Pogo (vocals), Achim Wollscheid (guitar), Sea Wanton (guitar + synthesizer), P. Klum (synthesizer), T.poem (tapes, trumpet). recorded on a 'Telefunken Magnetophon 204' (reel-to-reel tape recorder) with two 'Beyer Dynamic' microphones (until the police stopped the show)." (Sea Wanton)

1983 D, Berlin, 'Pankehallen', 'Berlin Atonal 2 Festival' ---"...The group Non Toxique Lost, performing Ich Sah Hanoi Sterben at the 1983 edition of the festival, offer a fine introduction to the “Berlin Atonal” aesthetic: a propulsive and emotive attack guided by enraged shouts from the curiously named Sea Wanton, and with the ironically placid, bespectacled Achim Wollscheid generating guitar noises that bring to mind radioactive worms quivering on a steel floor..." (Thomas B.W. Bailey, 'how gray was my 'mauer': the nostalgia for berlin aesthetics')

1984 D. Frankfurt, 'FU-Mensa', 'Geminox - Festival' ---"...A significant festival in Frankfurt’s early electronic history was Geminox. It was organized in 1984 by the late Walter E. Baumann, a local impresario from the city’s fertile art scene who ran the celebrated art and music publication Schvantz!. Geminox featured experimental audiovisual performances by Z’EV, Club Moral, and Mainz-based group Non Toxique Lost. It was also where Hypnobeat played its first gig..."' (How Frankfurt’s ’80s Tape Scene Laid The Foundation For The City’s Techno Renaissance, published October 15, 2019. Words by Oli Warwick (electronicbeats))

1985 GB, London, 'Ambulance Station' ('Recloose N.I. Festival') ---"... In 1985 we organised “New International Festival” a three day festival of ‘experimental’ music featuring groups associated with Recloose Organisation: Club Moral (Belgian Duo of Danny Devos and Anemie van Kirchoven specialising in noise, masochistic performance and audience antagonism – in this case an austere rendition of “Nazi’s of The Night”) , Lol Coxhill (the Godfather of free improvisation and experimentation perplexed a mainly industrial audience with his trademark lengthy soprano saxophone solos), Bourbonese Qualk, Eyeless In Gaza, TASS ( solo performance by Thomas Scholz aka ‘Hartmann’ doing his bio-energetik endurance performance) Attrition (UK goth industrial pop), Current 93 ( supposed to Be Nurse With Wound but C93 showed up instead…), Royal Family and The Poor, Het Zweet, N.T.L. (a shambolic and very drunken electronic trio from Mainz) and several others..." (Simon Crap,, 2008)

1985 NL, Amsterdam, 'Bier, Bratwurst und Stimmung - Festival'---"I think that was my first "electronics concert" in my music career. I was really excited. Normally, as a bassist, I always had a quiet job and now side by side with Sea Wanton in front of so many strangers! Because the gig took place in Amsterdam (in the NL CENTRUM, organized by STAALPLAAT, 1985). So also my first international stage walk. In any case, it was great! I had put together tons of cassettes with sounds, quotes and soundscapes from radio and television, which I got through my Korg MS-20 synthesizer chased. Added some echo, and my personal psychotrip was perfect. Together with Sea and Heiko Wöhler we delivered a beautifully blatant show. Someone from the event crew came up to me after the show, and said "you are never going to be on this again here", because he had the impression of me as a very blatant German (but in fact, I'm half Turkish, half Finnish). I definitely believe that without this experience, I wouldn't have been so eager to experiment in my future projects, and on the whole, with a healthy "lick me" attitude." (Jammin 'Unit, AIR LIQUIDE, 2003)

1985 NL, Arnhem, Festival ---"No luck at all! The P16.D4 soundcheck had destroyed part of the PA (some of the tweeters). So we played in the cultural center 'De Doos' with very low volume and only one speaker system. No recordings were made. When we returned to Germany, our car had a serious damage to the suspension shortly after crossing the border. We stayed in the car at night, were happy that we got away with our lives, found a repair shop and drove back to Mainz." (Sea Wanton)

2008, D, Scheer, 'Klangbad Festival' ---"Sometime in 2007 an e-mail arrives in Berlin. The text goes something like this:" ... not that easy to find your contact address. Would you like to play at our KLANGBAD Festival in 2008? .... " The short request comes from Hans-Joachim Irmler (from FAUST), I know him, of course - but what is KLANGBAD? Where is this" Scheer" venue anyway? After some back and forth ("... please, send technical rider, contract, etc ...") it is certain: he wants to hear NON TOXIQUE LOST music at his festival on August 2nd, 2008. Of course, that means for us (T. Poem, Christian Reichelt & Sea Wanton) 1. to organize a rehearsal room 2. to contact our label boss Frank Maier (VINYL ON DEMAND) - for sleeping accommodation - 3. to win Achim Wollscheid as a live guitarist for the performance (Andy Laaf , the rhythm track "supplier" has planned a tour with his band MAD SIN for this time and will therefore not be available) and 4. to organize a ride to the south of the republic. MONA MUR, who resides two blocks next to my Berliner Address, is contacted to ask her for a "sharable rehearsal room". In turn, she establishes contact with Sebastian from NOBLESSE OBLIGE / DIE WILDE JAGD, who has rented a great rehearsal-room in the Sonnenalle-street. Optimal equipment (for our needs) is available there for shared use (thanks to both of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!) ... "(note by Sea Wanton 3/2009)

2010, PL, Wroclaw, 'IX Industrial Art Festival ---"After a short technical break there came NON TOXIQUE LOST. It was the first visit of the Germans in Poland and the WIF (Wrocław Industrial Festival) performance was their first chance to present their music live here. Unfortunately, the first part of the concert was eaten up by technical problems. It’s a pity, as the temporary lack of stage monitors, resulting in playing "off tune" and dealing with the so called feedback, didn’t make the whole reception easily pleasant. Nevertheless, the programme presented by the duo Sea Wanton and Achim Wollscheid including seven tracks was intriguing, that I managed to overcome all the other matters. "Einsicht a Suivre", "Nachtbuszeit", "England Ihren Feinden Schenken", "Buchenwald", "Neues Deutschland Lied", "Frobot" and the final song "Burnt Out" was a conglomeration of guitar experiments, accompanied by the radio waves samples coming from the radio set placed on stage. All this was interlaced with melodic acclamations with a truly theatrical expression. At some moment, among many other watchwords displayed on the screen, there appeared "you will forget me very quickly" – if this was meant to be some sort of reflection of NTL about durability of their artwork in the memory of the audience, then this self-criticism was simply unnecessary..." (Scather,, 2011)

2015, D, Berlin, 'liquid sky berlin' (Alex-tv) ---''...lsb.TV is a live tv project. itz happening in the moment you watch it. we might edit it a bit, make it shorter and play it again at some point in the future but itz normally not supposed to be available on demand. :) you watch it when itz happening and after that it only exists in your memories.... like a kiss or a visit from extra terrestrials. xox dr w" (Dr Walker, from Air Liquide)

2018, A, Vienna 'Klang25 ---"We (in 'Non Toxique Lost') intended to attend this event with Achim Wollscheid, Jammin 'Unit, DJ Verhovny and Sea Wanton. But there were some problems and, finally, there was a line-up on 6/16/2018 only from Jammin' Unit + Sea Wanton. On sunday, the organizers of the festival (Lisa and Walter) met some of the participating artists (and their escorts) for breakfast. Talking about music, getting to know the artists (outside of the music business) will stay with me in good memory. Yes, it is good that there are such people, such music, such differences that indicate a beneficial contrast to the current trend of conformity, indifference and nationalism. The concert (of NTL) was filmed, however, there were no explicit sound recordings of it. 2 weeks later, the whole program was recorded in the studio again and corresponds relatively exactly to the live experience..." (liner notes by Sea Wanton, Berlin, 2018)