2018, Vienna, 'Klang25' festival, live

 at the 'Klang25' festival (Vienna), 20180616.2315-2359
PA & lightning: 'Replugged' (Vienna)
thanx: W. Robotka ('Klanggalerie'),Bernhard (for invitation + organisation + realisation)
images courtesy of G. Greulich, W. Novak

KLANGGALERIE celebrated 25 years! Two evenings with 11 sensational live acts. at 'Replugged',  Vienna, June 15 & 16 2018.

The final line-up:
John Avery (Hula). Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk). Zahgurim. Ron Wright (Hula). Thighpaulsandra (Coil). Tabor Radosti
Zea (The Ex). Renaldo & The Loaf. Rapoon (Zoviet France) Non Toxique Lost. Eric Random (Cabaret Voltaire).

W. Robotka (from 'Klanggalerie')· asks, and Sea Wanton replies:

What can we expect from your live set?
'Non Toxique Lost' will perform with three people: DJ Vrhovny (from 'Dead Skull'), Jammin' Unit (from 'Air Liquide') and Sea Wanton.
The band brings to you a wild compilation of music, noise, sounds and (electronic) beats, combined with some angry vocals.
There are some negotiations with Achim Wollscheid to implement an 'artificial' optical lightning show on stage, but nothing is certain yet.
Can you tell us a bit about your most recent activities?
Of course, we're currently producing 'music'. the next release will be called 'n' and is scheduled to be released the end of 2018.
One of the songs ('pot pourri') will be part of the show.
Klang25 will be your first appearance in Vienna. Any plans outside playing the show?
We will be hearing some of the other bands at the festival, having a drink together and - finally,
paying a visit to the 'Klanggalerie' (CD)-shop (to buy interesting music).
May I request a song? Would it be possible to play Buchenwald? We need songs like these more than ever now.
Unfortunately, the song list is fixed and the rehearsals almost finished. you will hear the 'pot pourri' song
(which will be released on the forthcoming cd 'n'),the 'schwarze mamba' song (from the cd 'träneninvasion')
and 'untergang' (as a part of the 'Berlin Atonal 2016' cd). if there is any time left (and the audience requests it
and the police does not stop the show), we will prepare the 'buchenwald' song as an encore ...
the best from Berlin. Sea Wanton, 20180328

Non Toxique Lost on stage were: Jammin' Unit (electronic effects), Sea Wanton (sampling + vocals)

song listing: 1. pot pourri (bewegen wir uns noch, dulce et decorum est, i.n.t.a.s.b.t.l.a.s.s.) 2. schwarze mamba 3. untergang 4. buchenwald notes: samples by J. Schulze + Dan Reay, lyrics of 'bewegen wir uns noch' by J. Stender, of 'dulce et decorum est' by Wilfried Owen (1917), basic rhythm track in 'buchenwald' by C. Reichelt

Non Toxique Lost are one of the most important and equally most underrated bands from Berlin's 1980s Industrial scene. In the old days, most of their albums came out on cassette only, they have later been collected onto vinyls and CDs. After the tragic loss of long-time member Steffen Schütze last year, NTL are continuing with their unique vision of music. Harsh electronic beats meet Sea Wanton's blunt political lyrics that are screamed over the Industrial sounds. Klanggalerie are proud to present NTL as part of our anniversary line-up. A rare chance to see them live and also the first time ever in Vienna! (liner notes by W. Robotka)