1985, Amsterdam, 'Bier, Bratwurst und Stimmung Festival', live

 at the 'Bier, Bratwurst und Stimmung - Festival', ('N.L. Centrum', Amsterdam, Netherlands) (19851004)

the roster so far: NON TOXIQUE LOST, S.B.O.T.H.I., P16.D4

thank you: R. Speckle (for invitation and organizing)

line-up: C. Oral (aka 'Jammin' Unit') - electronic effects, H. Wöhler (aka 'musikkonkret') - tapes, Sea Wanton - vocals + synthesizer

song listing: 1. einsicht a suivre 2.kriegstanz 3.zufrieden 4. ich treffe pee 5. ich kann ich will 6. ich sah hanoi sterben 7. hair

further informations: later, NTL appeared on the "Q.E.D." lp-album (vinyl) (the song is named 'HIA'), released in 1987, manufactured and distributed by PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM - (from Brussels, Belgium) cover of the d-lp, called Q.E.D. compiled by the N.L. CENTRUM, Amsterdam (Netherlands). international bands compilation featuring: BLURT, CHRIS AND COSEY, CLUB MORAL, CODE PUBLIC, DER PLAN, DIE FORM, EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, ETANT DONNES, HET ZWEET, KLEG, KONRAD BECKER: MONOTON, LAIBACH, MARIE KAWAZU, MICHEL BANABILA, NON TOXIQUE LOST, P16.D4, PETER ZEGVELD, RADIO RABOTNIK TV, S.B.O.T.H.I,  S.P.K., SPRUNG AUS DEN WOLKEN, TEST DEPARTMENT, THE HAFER TRIO, THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ZERO KAMA, Z'EV