2015, Berlin, 'Liquid Sky Berlin', live

 on air, at the 'Liquid Sky Berlin' show, lsb #48 (20150322.0003-0120)
PA & lightning: lsb_TV at Alex-tv, Berlin
thanx: dr. Walker + 'Liquid Sky Berlin' (tv) + 'Alex-tv' crew (for invitation + organisation + realisation)
images courtesy of Alexander Fischer aka 'adsx', Jammin' Unit, Sea Wanton (and Liquid Sky Berlin 'LSB')

Jammin' Unit + Sea Wantonplayed the 'liquid sky berlin' show #48 (date: 2015-03-22),
'experimental crossmedia entertainment made in Berlin', hosted by Dr Walker ,
and you can see the complete (tv)-performance of 'Non Toxique Lost' on
thanx (and hats off) to Mr. Walker + Uli Sigg + lsb-family (at Alex-TV Berlin) !!
"...lsb.TV is a live tv project. itz happening in the moment you watch it. we might edit it a bit, make it shorter and play it again at some point in the future but itz normally not supposed to be available on demand. :) you watch it when itz happening and after that it only exists in your memories.... like a kiss or a visit from extra terrestrials. xox dr w " (note by Dr Walker).
line-up (from the left to the right):
Sea Wanton (sampler + shortwave radio + vocals), Jammin' Unit (guitar + electronic effects)

liquid sky berlin presents: 'lsb_TV' #48 Saturday / Sunday, 21./ 22. march 2015 starting midnight to sunday morning 6 am central european time
6 hours experimental electronic music & visuals.
broadcasted on Alex Berlin TV / Radio / internetzstream 
your channel for experimental crossmedia culture

non toxique lost founded in '82 (now living in Berlin) ...rising from the ashes of the vanishing (German) no wave/punk movement ...played live besides 'Psychic TV', 'Zos Kia (at the Berlin 'Atonal' festival, 1983), 'Faust', Mouse On Mars' to name a few... ...first vinyl (titeled 'Wanton', in 1986) was completely selfproduced, first cd (in 2005) was released on the 'Dossier' label ...some 'NTL'-albums appear on the labels like 'Klanggalerie', 'Reduktive Musiken' or 'Vinyl on Demand (VOD)'

...line-up: Jammin' Unit + Sea Wanton

song list:
2.alle sind wahr
3.zwei träume
4.schwarze mamba
5.sam 41643
7.ein gott ist immer dabei
9.störfaktor mensch
10. encore 1
11. encore 2

(lyrics of 'zwei träume': Klaus Husslein, lyrics of 'störfaktor mensch': Andreas Rülcker)