1985, Arnhem, live

 at the 'De Doos', (a culture-center -Hotel Bosch- at Arnhem, Netherlands), 19851005.2100

the roster so far: NON TOXIQUE LOST, S.B.O.T.H.I., P16.D4

PA & lighting by:

thank you: (for invitation and organizing)

line-up: Jammin' Unit, H. Wöhler, Sea Wanton

song listing: 1. einsicht a suivre...wer keinen schmerz mehr spürt...kriegstanz...ich sah hanoi sterben

further informations: no luck at all ! the P16.D4 soundcheck had destroyed one part of the PA (some of the loudspeakers). so, we played the 'De Doos' on a very low volume and just one speaker-system. no recordings were done. when returning to Germany, our car broke (seriously !) and we almost passed away (on the freeway...).