"amusement means have fun means (in any case): not thinking about it, forgetting the suffering, anywhere it appears. the reason herefore is powerlessness. it is indeed escape, but not as (the amusement) affirms, the escape from a bad reality, but from the final thought of resistance, which it (the reality) has still left remaining." (T. W. Adorno / M. Horkheimer)

NON TOXIQUE LOST:::founded in '82 in Mainz/Germany, now based in Berlin - political, electronic, experimental music ...the following people contributed to NTL: Achim Wollscheid, Alex Türpitz, A. Laaf, Christian Reichelt, DJ Vrhovny, Elke Dittewig, Heiko Wöhler, Jammin' Unit, Peter Klum, Peter 'Pogo' Prieur, T.poem, Tony Bullock + Sea Wanton

T.poem, a founding member of 'Non Toxique Lost', passed away in february, 2017, all of a sudden. We miss him ...

 thanks for being with us for such a long time. We had been friends. Sea Wanton, Berlin, 2018

I moved to Berlin in 1997 and got in contact with him and P. Klum again. T.poem and I now met regularly to talk about new music releases. It had been a long time since he had made something musical for 'Non Toxique Lost'. However, I was still convinced of his graphic and artistic skills. So I proposed an artistic collaboration to him and he took over the complete production of some 'NTL' releases. Only once (namely in 2008 at the 'Klangbad' festival) did he again use the laptop for 'Non Toxique Lost'. His musical interest now went more to the publications from the field of 'power electronics'. At some point in 2015 he decided to become musically active again. Thus the two songs 'five organs of hysteria' and 'five organs of hysteria_reverse' were created. He dubbed me the 'audacity' versions of the songs, but somehow these versions came to me in oblivion. It was not until 2018 that I discovered the files again on my harddisk, arranged my musical part and 'hyst', the new album was born. It is dedicated to T.poem. Sea Wanton, Berlin 20181026

'Guess that NTL was the first (and only) band I played with, that didn't require identification of sorts - neither with a name, nor a principle, nor a style. What probably united those associated with that name was a shared unease within a cultural rule, that after the political ossification of the 70s began to spread throughout art and music - the need to even design protest or subversion. A reaction to this was NTL's 'non'- style - no rock, no punk, no experiments, no recycling and no improvisation...- or bits of each, condensed in a thick amalgam, if needed. Though most of NTL's pieces didn't entirely cross the borders of the 'song-principle', the virus of disintegration was pretty much alive. Within, and sometimes even without...' liner notes by Achim Wollscheid (2003), image courtesy of '', live at the 'Wroclaw Industrial Festival IX', (Wroclaw, Poland), 2010-11-13 20:30

never heard of NON TOXIQUE LOST ? NTL appeared on the 'Q.E.D.' d-lp-album, cover of the d-lp, called Q.E.D. released in 1987, manufactured and distributed by 'Play it again, Sam' ('P.I.A.S.'), from Brussels, Belgium)  compiled by the 'N.L. CENTRUM', Amsterdam (Netherlands)

international bands compilation featuring: Blurt, Chris and Cosey, Club Moral, Code Public, Der Plan, Die Form, Einstürzende Neubauten, Etant Donnes, Het Zweet, Kleg, Konrad Becker, Monoton, Laibach, Marie Kawazu, Michel Banabila, Non Toxique Lost, P16.D4, Peter Zegveld, Radio Rabotnik TV, S.B.O.T.H.I.S.P.K., Sprung aus den Wolken, Test DepartmentThe Hafler Trio, The Legendary Pink Dots, Zero Kama, Z'ev