Erik Mälzner aka 'N.N.' (from 'No Edition') and Sea Wanton realized the album 'Doppelspitze'.

"when we (that means, Erik Mälzner aka 'N.N.' and me,
named 'Sea Wanton') got in contact last year (in 2019), none of us knew what to expect from
such a collaboration. everything could be possible, but you couldn't be sure of a successful
result. well, in my opinion the whole thing developed to a real adventurous search, looking
to combine those 'serious' moods with more rhythmic, dancable moments. we played some
synthesizers, laptops, guitars, etc, transferred the files from a German town to another
by using the web, discussed and objected, and finally took them into the favourites.
all lyrics are by Erik M. hope you like this strange and crazy stuff !!"
(liner notes by 'Sea Wanton', on behalf of 'Non Toxique Lost', Berlin, 20200405)

Dieter Mauson (aka 'Occupied Head) and Sea Wanton finalized the album named 'Totmannschalter'.
we played synthesizers, bass, guitars, etc., and transferred the files and forth between
Hamburg and Berlin via the internet,
discussed and rejected and finally included
them in the selection
all texts are from Sea Wanton. we hope you like this strange
and crazy stuff !!
('Sea Wanton', on behalf of 'Non Toxique Lost', Berlin, 20201202)


DISTRUCT (P16.D4) (lp-album, label: SELEKTION)
assemblage of transformed, organized and (re)structed sound material, featuring Sea Wanton in cooporation with RLW compiling the sounds of BLADDER FLASK, D.D.A.A., DE FABRIEK, THE HATERS, PHILIP JOHNSON, HIROKI KACHA, MERZBOW, FREDERIK NILSEN, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, NURSE WITH WOUND, ONNYK, HAROLD SCHELLINX, DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS, VORTEX CAMPAIGN