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our latest product is named 'vas tell i prana   (artwork by Fiat Pompeius). At the moment there are some new songs in progress, and the next album will be called 'GERI REIG 2.0'. stay tuned ! and turn off the news ...

the 'concrete shelves' blog by Matteo Uggeri, where Sea Wanton tells and explains ...--> an (unfortunately incomplete) overview of all our publications can be found on 'discogs', and of course a complete and detailed description can be found here ... --> and come on: there's a fan-page ('Non Toxique Lost') at 'Facebook': give it a try !! --> a quick overview, if you're interested in 'cassette culture', can be found right here...

never heard of NON TOXIQUE LOST ? NTL appeared on the 'Q.E.D.' d-lp-album, released in 1987, cover of the d-lp, called Q.E.D. manufactured and distributed by 'Play it again, Sam' ('P.I.A.S.', from Brussels, Belgium),  compiled by the 'N.L. CENTRUM', Amsterdam (Netherlands) international bands compilation featuring: Blurt, Chris and Cosey, Club Moral, Code Public, Der Plan, Die Form, Einstürzende Neubauten, Etant Donnes, Het Zweet, Kleg, Konrad Becker, Monoton, Laibach, Marie Kawazu, Michel Banabila, Non Toxique Lost, P16.D4, Peter Zegveld, Radio Rabotnik TV, S.B.O.T.H.I., S.P.K., Sprung aus den Wolken, Test Department, The Hafler Trio, The Legendary Pink Dots, Zero Kama, Z'ev

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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: "...Truth and hope have no boundaries, no set style, they are implicit most clearly in the way you choose to live..." (note taken from 'TG CD1', Mute, 1986)
Sea Wanton: "...After Auschwitz there's still a place like Guantanamo. And there other games played than "Blackjack" ..." (2011, Berlin)
John Lydon: "...I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right..." (from JOHN LYDON's site, book title, 2020)
Lukas den Warme: "Music needs to be heard, not collected, and as such, I don't mind the form it comes in. Vinyl, CD, cassette or download, it's all the same for me." (from Vital Weekly, no. 1273, 2021)
K-Poppa-23: "Never forget your dreams.They are thee hopes ov thee future..." (Splinters-in-time, 2001)
Dirk "Diggen" Jora: "Stay rude, stay rebel..." (from Ox-fanzine, 2020)
LIQUID SKY ARTISTCOLLECTIVE: "iN Ch@0S iT AlL stArt3D in CH@0S IT w1lL 3nD!!" (from LSB-Tv site, 2021)
Beki Bondage: "A lot of our politicians are not only corrupt but clearly unfit for office." (from VICE SQUAD site, interview 4)
MODULAR-STATION Radio: "...We examined your application to the MODULAR-STATION Radio, listened to your music and thank you for your request but it seems to us that - for now - your proposal does not correspond to our artistic direction..." (e-mail, 20210527)
from ??????: [td_block_7 custom_title=”Latest Reviews” header_color=”rgba(255,58,58,0.8)” m16_tl=”7″ category_id=”8″ m8_tl=”7″ m6_tl=”7″]
Lawrence English: "...Don't forget to listen." (from ELECTRONIC SOUND, issue 79, p. 46)
Steven Gullotta: "...because I don't personally enjoy your music does not mean that someone else out there won't.." (e-mail, 2021)
Peter Hope: "...still restless, inventive, innovative and 60 years old... Proof indeed that there's HOPE for us all!" (taken from his 'blog', Update September 2019)
Adrian K Smith: "...It's what I do. I never delete anything and I always sample the past. Stay safe and learn the banjo." (liner notes to 'Painting On Dust', March 2021)
neur0dancer: " authorities....they rarely tell the (whole) truth" (taken from his 'bandcamp' profile)
Paul Simonon: “I never wanted to go back and relive the glory days; I just want to keep moving forward. That’s what I took from punk. Keep going.” (taken from ???, The Clash)
Peter Kirn: "It’s not the bpm. It’s not the style. It’s the soul of the humans making the music that matters ..." (November 16, 2021, reviewing a 'techno' compilation at 'CDM')
BANDCAMP: "Restart your machine. Seriously, it’s an uncelebrated miracle how often it works." (taken from the 'help' section)
Martijn Comes: "In music, separating the wheat from the chaff these days is not easy, one has to apply some kind of compulsion and instinct towards interesting releases..." (taken from VITAL WEEKLY #1319)
Robert "Bob“ Rutman: "I am not really into music, I am into noise." (taken from the 'Moloko Plus Records' site)
James Lowe: "we turned out the lights and just played until it was over" (track data to 'Long Day's Flight, from 'Lost Dreams')
Penny Rimbaud: "Capitalism and peace is an oxymoron. Likewise, the charming brutality of the bourgeoisie. Forget the lies, it's all lies." (taken from 'Twitter', 2022-04-22)
Heraclitus: "You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on." (Greek philosopher, c. 540 B.C.–c. 480 B.C.,)
???: "People don’t become less curious because they get older. Most people don’t stop discovering new books, films, podcasts or TV. Yet [new] music seems to be something that more commonly slips away..."
Ralf Siemers: "excreeperimental nanoise" (taken from his 'Twitter' account, 20220830)
Cosey Fanni Tutti: "I’d bought myself a cheap Raver lead guitar from Woolworths. The way I used it there was no need for anything expensive. I didn’t know how, nor did I want to learn how, to play guitar. I never tuned it". (taken from 'Twitter', 20221011)
Wacław Zimpel: “Working with electronics makes me feel like being in front of the unknown. And this is most interesting thing for me: to confront the unknown.” (taken from 'The Quietus', Sep. 2022)
Richard Gleim:"Punk's political message was not to name political atrocities and to condemn, but in doing its own thing independently, and so to stand above the things and get in action..." (201190617)
Paul Bassett Davies:"...Avoid long threads. Go big or go home. Be deranged. No whimsy. Shun nuance. If in doubt, post a cat gif and move on. ..." (taken from his 'X' account, feb 2024)
Robert Görl: "Starting times are always very good. After a time of experiment, a more precise time follows, wich is a little colder, a little bit more normal, and a little bit more rational." (liner notes taken from the CD 'PRODUKT DER DEUTSCH-AMERIKANISCHEN FREUNDSCHAFT', 1999)
Mark Reeder: "Entertainment is the only industry that Berlin really has had to offer since those post-wall years..." (taken from 'Louder Than War' site, July 12, 2023)
Frank Maier: "why are there so many band-reunions, new albums and tours by 80s bands these days which you haven't heard in the past 3 decades? Is it for extra cash, being bored, 30 min of fame, new demand, zeitgeist... honestly?" (taken from the 'VOD' facebook-site, jan/feb 2024)
Karl Marx:"It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness...." (taken from 'Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbucher', 1844)

Jammin' Unit + Sea Wanton (live at the 'KLANG25' festival, 2018, Vienna). click here (or click on image) to listen.