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 in 1982 l: Jammin' Unit r: Sea Wanton "...While now using contemporary sound sources like samplers and computers, NON TOXIQUE LOST is (as always) bound to the idea of electronic toughness and a political attitude and, thus, creating its own musical cosmos..." (note by T. Pargmann and C. Ressler, Berlin, 2006) images courtesy of 'cherrypop', 'altronic artworks', 'adsx' and 'eraserhead'.

'Non Toxique Lost meets Occupied Head': new cd, released by 'E-KLAGETO' (sept, 2021). the album is called 'Totmannschalter' (this translates to: 'Dead man's switch') and contains 10 songs, constructed by Dieter Mauson (aka 'Occupied Head') and Sea Wanton. thanks to Matthias Horn (from 'E-KLAGETO') for his fantastic support !! hats off !!

some new songs have been recorded recently by DJ Vrhovny and Sea Wanton. it's planned to release them on NTL's next album, which will be named 'VLUS' .

the 'concrete shelves' blog by Matteo Uggeri (he's also in 'Sparkle Of Grey'). here,  Sea Wanton tells and explains ...--- an (unfortunately incomplete) overview of all our publications can be found on 'discogs', and of course a complete and detailed description can be found here ... and come on: there's a fan-page ('Non Toxique Lost') at 'Facebook': give it a try !! --- a quick overview, if you're interested in 'cassette culture', can be found right here...another collaboration should again be mentioned: 'N.N. & NON TOXIQUE LOST' made an album titled 'Doppelspitze' in 2020. further details at 'NO EDITION' (a label run by Erik Mälzner).

CD /bin/med/usa (album originally released as a cd by 'Dossier', review by Alan Milne, source: 'Heathen Harvest', 2007)
"Now I have a confession to make here. Quiet at the back whilst I’m rambling. I have a deep respect for all things German. Love their cars. Love their food. Even some aspects of their dubious politics through the ages hits a chord with me. Which kind of includes their uniforms and medals and all the military memorabilia in those conflicts which we are not supposed to mention for fear of being labelled a certain type of person. If you know what I mean. See Lemmy out of Motorhead or Ron Ashton of The Stooges as examples. The country is fantastic to drive through and their Frauen divine examples of Germanic beauty. This is by the by though. I’ve held a secret fascination with German music ever since I first heard Amon Düül II and their mighty ‘Yeti’ release way back in 1970. I followed that up with a serious love affair with Der Plan and DAF ('Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft') and all their ilk in the proceeding years. By fuck that was good times for German music. Then I got into all the EBM and heavy Industrial stuff, far too many groups to mention here, and I still find myself drawn to anything remotely connected to the German music scene even today. A special mention must go to Einstürzende Neubauten who are still going strong. Resilient fuckers old Blixa Bargeld and co. Which ties in nicely with this review for the latest 'Non Toxique Lost' release ‘/bin/med/usa' which I’ve had spinning away for the last few days…not the act hardly known but by only a select few, including me who adored them, Last Few Days who were something else in every respect…and golly gee whiz if this isn’t a fucking ace release that, at the very least, demands you should hear it at least once in your lifetime. You know that feeling you get when you hear a piece of music for the first time and you get this strange sensation going up and down your spine? Well ‘/bin/med/usa’ did that for me. The funny thing is that in reality the recording isn’t original in any shape or form…but it has that ‘certain something’ that just can’t be described to it that makes you go kind of ‘wow’ when you hear it. Or that could just be me because I’m wired up and weird that way occasionally. 'Non ToxiqueLost' have been around the block for ages now. Part of the early 80’s German Industrial counter culture they have ploughed many a field in different musical genres over the years. Flitting seamlessly between whatever takes their fancy at the time. You just never know what to expect from these guys. They take their music from many influences and mould it into their own sound which they are currently experimenting with at the time. This approach to their music is shown to great effect in ‘/bin/med/usa’ where dance meets rock…and takes in experimental and other musical styles at a whim. There are traces of DAF, Seilwolf, Einstürzende Neubauten…even Die Krupps…to be found lurking within these 16 tracks that twist and turn with an assured Nonchalance that can only be admired. Take the first track 'adresse:boese' for instance that starts with some static and German vocals before descending into a turbo charged electro techno light nightmare of beats and screamed vocals. Or how about the DAF (ish) ‘die schneekoenigin’ resplendent with a thumping drum beat. If that doesn’t seem your thing then maybe ‘buchenwald’ and ‘opium 2’ with their sludge rocking style would be to your liking. Looking for a sexy laid back groove…then seek out ‘Wendy’ for your kicks. So many highlights in a quite superb and highly engrossing recording all given that added sparkle by the German, and some English, vocals which are screamed, barked, mutilated or crooned. They rage. They rant at fuck knows what. They seduce. They fuck you over, in a nice way, like porn studs on ten tablets of high dose viagra. They are 'Non Toxique Lost'… and don’t you ever fucking forget it. 'Vorsprung durch Technik' (translates to: 'advance by technology', note by Sea Wanton). Sea Wanton (vocals, effects), C. Reichelt (electronics, drum machines, effects) and A. Türpitz (electronics, drum machines, effects, guitar) are the guys to thank for this impeccable recording. Buy it. Play it. Embrace it. Love it. Then send me an e.mail of thanks for leading you directly to this fabulous release. It’s the least you can do."

hic Rhodus hic saltaThe origin of this odd saying, whose currency is largely due to Hegel and Marx, takes a little explaining. Its original form is 'Hic Rhodus, hic saltus' ('Rhodes is here, here is the place for your jump'), a traditional Latin translation [see, e.g., Erasmus, Adagia 3. 3. 28] of a punchline from Aesop. In the fable 'The Braggart' an athlete boasts that he once performed a stupendous jump in Rhodes, and can produce witnesses: the punchline is the comment of a bystander, who means that there is no need of witnesses, since the athlete can demonstrate the jump here and now. The epigram is given by Hegel, rather out of the blue, first in Greek, then in Latin (in the form 'Hic Rhodus, hic saltus'), in the Preface to his Philosophy of Right. [Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts [Sämtliche Werke, ed. Hermann Glockner, vol. 7] (Stuttgart, 1928), p. 35.] He does not explain what the proverb meant in its original context (without which it can hardly be understood); indeed a comment he makes about jumping over Rhodes suggests that he may not have fully understood it himself. At any rate, he then offers an adapted German version with a different meaning, 'Hier ist die Rose, hier tanze' ('Here is the rose, dance here', an allusion to the rose in the cross of rosicrucianism, implying that fulfilment should not be postponed to some Utopian future), punning first on the Greek (Rhodos = Rhodes, rhodon = rose), then on the Latin (saltus = jump [noun], salta = dance [imperative]). Marx adopts the saying in the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte [Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Werke (Berlin, 1956-83), vol. 8, p. 118.], where he first gives the Latin, in the form 'Hic Rhodus, hic salta!', a garbled mixture of Hegel's two versions, and then immediately adds 'Hier ist die Rose, hier tanze!', as if it were a translation, which it cannot be, since Greek Rhodos (despite what all the standard commentators say to the contrary), let alone Latin Rhodus, does not mean 'rose'. The confusion, both deliberate and inadvertent, does no credit to either Hegel or Marx as classical scholars, and the epigram loses much of its original power - as well as its original meaning - in their hands. They were evidently intent on turning it to other purposes, but it seems doubtful whether their attempts to improve on Aesop have been of much use to their readers. Special thanks to Terrell Carver for assistance with this account.
(taken from:

the 'S.O.T.A.' album is available at 'Klanggalerie' (cd / digipak, id: gg323). "...In 2018 Non Toxique Lost played a show as the duo of Sea Wanton and Jammin' Unit at our label's 25 year anniversary called 'Klang 25' alongside Renaldo & The Loaf, Zea, John Avery, Ron Wright, Rapoon, Simon Crab, Zahgurim, Tabor Radosti, Thighpaulsandra and Eric Random. NTL played the second night after Rapoon. Their set was surprisingly dancey (danceable?, note by Sea Wanton), and was nearly completely filmed. Unfortunately, no audio recording was made, so the band decided to play the same set again a few days later in their studio. Limited edtion of 100 numbered copies only..." (liner notes by W. Robotka, Klanggalerie, Vienna, 2020) CD la derniere section "April is an exciting month at Klanggalerie - ... and we have a couple more exciting CDs for you: first, Non Toxique Lost's brand new album La Derniere Section D'Une Longue Chanson  ... The new NTL album shows these German pioneers of Industrial music in top form..." Walter Robotka ('KlangGalerie'), Vienna, April, 2021

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: "...Truth and hope have no boundaries, no set style, they are implicit most clearly in the way you choose to live..." (note taken from 'TG CD1', Mute, 1986)
Sea Wanton: "...After Auschwitz there's still a place like Guantanamo. And there other games played than "Blackjack" ..." (2011, Berlin)
John Lydon: "...I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right..." (from JOHN LYDON's site, book title, 2020)
Lukas den Warme: "Music needs to be heard, not collected, and as such, I don't mind the form it comes in. Vinyl, CD, cassette or download, it's all the same for me." (from Vital Weekly, no. 1273, 2021)
K-Poppa-23: "Never forget your dreams.They are thee hopes ov thee future..." (Splinters-in-time, 2001)
Dirk "Diggen" Jora: "Stay rude, stay rebel..." (from Ox-fanzine, 2020)
LIQUID SKY ARTISTCOLLECTIVE: "iN Ch@0S iT AlL stArt3D in CH@0S IT w1lL 3nD!!" (from LSB-Tv site, 2021)
Beki Bondage: "A lot of our politicians are not only corrupt but clearly unfit for office." (from VICE SQUAD site, interview 4)
MODULAR-STATION Radio: "...We examined your application to the MODULAR-STATION Radio, listened to your music and thank you for your request but it seems to us that - for now - your proposal does not correspond to our artistic direction..." (e-mail, 20210527)
Lawrence English: "...Don't forget to listen." (from ELECTRONIC SOUND, issue 79, p. 46)
Steven Gullotta: "...because I don't personally enjoy your music does not mean that someone else out there won't.." (e-mail, 2021)
Peter Hope: "...still restless, inventive, innovative and 60 years old... Proof indeed that there's HOPE for us all!" (taken from his 'blog', Update September 2019)
Adrian K Smith: "...It's what I do. I never delete anything and I always sample the past. Stay safe and learn the banjo." (liner notes to 'Painting On Dust', March 2021)
neur0dancer: " authorities....they rarely tell the (whole) truth" (taken from his 'bandcamp' profile)
Peter Kirn: "It’s not the bpm. It’s not the style. It’s the soul of the humans making the music that matters ..." (November 16, 2021, reviewing a 'techno' compilation at 'CDM')
BANDCAMP: "Restart your machine. Seriously, it’s an uncelebrated miracle how often it works." (taken from the 'help' section)